GAHK Seminar on 27th November 2021

  • Date
    27 Nov 2021
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  • Description

    During the Hong Kong International Jewelry Manufacturers' Show, we will be co-organizing Four seminars with Hong Kong Jewelry Manufacturers' Association (HKJMA)

    Morning Sessions
    Time: 11:00 am – 1:00 pm

    Topic 1: Special Inclusions & Growth Patterns of Quartz

    Speaker: Mr TO Siu Lun, Franco, FGA, DGA, JJD, FGAHK, Membership Director of GAHK, Partner of Nebula

    The speaker will share details of unique inclusions, growth patterns, growth defects, colour zoning
    and inclusion distribution patterns and other internal features found in quartz. The identification of
    "Quartz in Quartz" or "Negative Crystals" will be featured as well as an introduction to a new
    species, "Trapiche Quartz".

    Topic 2: Identification of Quartz: Natural vs Synthetics

    Speaker: Mr CHAN Chi Keung, MSc., BSoSc., FGA, FGAHK
    Ex-Program Director of GAHK, Owner of Chan’s Gems & Minerals

    No clue whether a piece of quartz is natural or synthetic? Our expert will guide you through
    effective examination of the stone from the shape of the rough, internal features in finished products
    and how to employ advanced techniques to come up with an answer.


    Afternoon Sessions
    Time: 2:00pm– 4:00 pm

    Topic 3: The Practical Buying Guide for Precious Gemstones

    Speaker: Dr NG Fei Yeung, Miro PhD, BSc, FGA, CDG (HRD), JJD (HKIG), FGAHK, CG (Fei Cui & Diamond)
    Public Speaker Team Director of GAHK, Founder and President of the Centre for Gemmological Research

    Is a gem lab report not enough of an aid when you want to buy a precious gemstone (diamond,
    ruby, sapphire & emerald)? Is buying “top commercial grade” or “from a famous locality” not a
    wise choice? Do join this seminar if you wish to avoid misconceptions!

    Topic 4: Pearls from Farm to Market

    Speaker: Ms LUK Woon Chi Clara, MA(FA), BA, FGA, FGAHK
    Education Director of GAHK, Manager-in-charge, Vocation Training Council, Pro-Act Training and Development Centre (Jewellery)

    Speaker: Mr WONG Chun Kit David, BArt, EMBA
    Cofounder / General Manager at Hong Kong Pearl Cultivation Association

    Pearl is a gemstone that does not require much processing to make it shine. However, the dialogue
    between a local pearl farmer and a local jewellery designer will tell us more about how “Made in
    Hong Kong” can make pearls “shine” even better, both technically and aesthetically.

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