Election Committee (9/2023 - 8/2025)

Since 2015, Honorary Chairperson has been conferred upon representatives of member companies who have served as Chairperson.

Goldiaq Creation Ltd Ms. Bronia Yip (Chairwoman)

WCJ International Ltd Mr. Benny Do (Chairman of J-HUB Management Committee & Honorary Chairman)

Sun Sang Jewelry Co Mr. Tommy Lee (Associate Chairman - Exhibition Affairs)

Universal Jewellery Design Ctr Ltd Ms. Jessica Kwan (Associate Chairman - Annual Affairs)

K K Jewellery Co Ltd Mr. Karl Shin (Honorary Chairman)

Aaron Shum Jewelry Ltd Dr. Aaron Shum (Honorary Chairman)

Legend Jewelry Co Ltd Mr. Patrick Luk (Honorary Chairman)

Cheng & Cheung Co (HK) Ltd Mr. Edward Cheung (Honorary Chairman)

Sunny Creations Ltd Mr. Sunny Chan (Honorary Chairman)

EJI O/B Elegance Jewellery Int'l Ltd Mr. Ricky Lam (Honorary Chairman)

Able Jewelry Mfg Ltd Dr. Adam Lau (Honorary Chairman)

A-1 Jewelry Manufactory Ltd Mr. Cliff Lo

Albert Jewellery Co Ltd Mr. Albert Lai

Belford Jewellery Co Ltd Mr. Billy Wong

Bossa Jewelry Ltd Ms. Irene Leung

Chase Jewellery Manufactory Ltd Mr. William Li

Chow Sang Sang Mfy Ltd Mr. Keith Yip

Dai Sun Jewellery Co Ltd Dr. Terence Shih

East Arts Jewelry Mfy Ltd Mr. Philip Lam

Gold Mine Jewellery Ltd Ms. Vivian Chang

Inter-Pacific Holdings Ltd Mr. Louis Lo

Legrand Jewellery (Mfg) Co Ltd Mr. Sammy To

Lorenzo Jewelry Ltd Mr. Ringo Ng

Man Sang Jewellery (Hong Kong) Ltd Ms. Amy Yan

Myer Jewelry Mfr Ltd Mr. Benedict Sin

Oriental First Jewelry Mfr Ltd Mr. Tommy Lau

Peter Lam Jewellery Ltd Mr. Peter Lam

Polaris Jewellery Manufacturer Ltd Mr. Jacky Lam

S.J. Lau Jewellery Co Ltd Ms. Aki Lau

The Big City Jewellery Ltd Mr. Ho Yuen Kong

The World Jewellery Co Mr. Steve Siu

TSL Jewellery (Export) Co Ltd Mr. Danny So

Universal Jewellery Co Ltd Ms. Lydia Kwan

Wilson Designs & Jewellery Ltd Mr. Wilson Cheung