Executive Director Committee (9/2021 – 8/2023)

Members’ company representatives are former chairpersons be conferred the Honorary Chairperson title

Goldiaq Creation Ltd Ms. Bronia Yip (Chairwoman)

Gold Source Jewellery Ltd Mr. Joe Lee (Associate Chairman- Mainland Affairs)

Sun Sang Jewelry Co Mr. Tommy Lee (Associate Chairman - Exhibition Affairs)

Unicorn Jewelry Design Co Ltd Ms. Jessica Fong (Associate Chairman - Industry Development & Communications Affairs)

Sunlight Jewellery Design Ltd Mr. Ray Chan (Associate Chairman - Outreaching & Youth Affairs)

PIN (Hong Kong) Ltd Mr. Kenny Chan (Associate Chairman - Overseas Affairs)

Universal Jewellery Design Ctr Ltd Ms. Jessica Kwan (Honorary Secretary)

Brilliant Trading Co (1974) Ltd Mr. Victor Yiu (Honorary Treasurer)

WCJ International Ltd Mr. Benny Do (Chairman of J-HUB Management Committee & Honorary Chairman)

Aaron Shum Jewelry Ltd Dr. Aaron Shum (Honorary Chairman)

Sunny Creations Ltd Mr. Sunny Chan (Honorary Chairman)

EJI O/B Elegance Jewellery Int'l Ltd Mr. Ricky Lam (Honorary Chairman)

Able Jewelry Mfg Ltd Dr. Adam Lau (Honorary Chairman)

Bee's Int'l Group Ltd Ms. Rendy Ng (Executive Director)

Bossa Jewelry Ltd Ms. Irene Leung (Executive Director)

C.D. Co Ltd Ms. Sarita Wong (Executive Director)

Charming Jewellery Ltd Ms. Diana Wong (Executive Director)

Chase Jewellery Mfy Ltd Mr. William Li (Executive Director)

Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Co Ltd Mr. Ho Koon Wan (Executive Director)

Gold Mine Jewellery Ltd Ms. Vivian Chang (Executive Director)

Myer Jewelry Mfr Ltd Mr. Benedict Sin (Executive Director)

Peter Lam Jewellery Ltd Mr. Peter Lam (Executive Director)

TSL Jewellery (Export) Co Ltd Mr. Danny So (Executive Director)

Universal Jewellery Co Ltd Ms. Lydia Kwan (Executive Director)