Words from Chairman

Chairman Election is unprecedentedly tense this year, but I believe in the saying that "Competition Makes Progress", we all love jewelry industry and JMA, we all want to contribute to the industry and JMA, this is a healthy phenomenon. After being elected, many of the industry players gave advices and suggestions actively, some of them even served in JMA whole-heartedly. We all want to work together to help our members and make some contributions for jewelry industry.

The first priority of JMA is bringing business to our members and assisting members to solve problems in business operation, bringing up-to-date news and services to members are also our duties. In this era of information explosion, we get different information every day, members ask for more and better services, we should deliver latest information to them with a more convenient channel.

Moreover, the functions of services will be adjusted with the 7 functional groups restructure their roles to enhance the efficiency of JMA's operation. For example, Branding and Technology & Development can be consolidated, Education & Training and Welfare should keep innovating to meet members' needs, in order to provide effective services directly.

Facing the peripheral economic slack, enterprises tend to be cautious towards cost control, taking heed of product marketing and promotion, or even utilize the limited resources more effectively by outsourcing. We hope we can provide one-stop services for members. JMA is planning to turn investment fund into property acquisition and set up a "J Hub Hong Kong". Our goal aims at maintaining jewelry handicraft industry, combining design, technology research, paving as well as testing & examination under one roof, benefitting the members on the one hand, and leading to continuous development on the other.

Looking ahead, buyers are cautious in merchandizing previously, Christmas sales is expected to be good; the desire to buy will be stimulated as prices of raw materials stabilize. Daily accessories and simple designs will become popular, while colored stones especially yellow diamonds will be in vogue.

Mr. Benny Do

Chairman (2017-2019)
Hong Kong Jewelry Manufacturers' Association