Chairman Speech

I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the support for granting me an opportunity again to serve our members in the re-election of the chairman of HKJMA for 2019-2021. After the 30 th anniversary of HKJMA, the inheritance will become the key to the sustainable development of the local jewelry industry. Besides driving expansions and brand building, we have to attract new generations to join us, to inherit the past and usher in the future.

To maintain our competitive edge, we are exploring industry transfer to the new markets in Asia, such as Thailand, Burma, Vietnam, Cambodia, and India. We set up a communication mechanism, learn their policies and establish a partnership with these countries. Meanwhile, we strengthen our work in the mainland by building up a service platform in the Gold Plaza in Shuibei, as well as interacting proactively with the relating departments in China.

We are also focusing on attracting young jewelers to join our Association for sustainable development, through the reformation of the antiquated system and conventional values. More tailor-made social activities and digitised communication platforms will be developed to facilitate the interactions among the young members to ensure closer liaison.

HKJMA is duty-bound to inherit the traditional jewelry craftsmanship and to explore the development opportunities in the future. Therefore, we kick-started "J Hub Hong Kong" to link up young jewelers with the key stakeholders in our industry. In June 2019, we formulated the directions and regulations and are now working on the administration to prepare for the opening of "J Hub Hong Kong" in March 2020. "J Hub Hong Kong" covers four aspects, namely 'knowledge transfer', 'Hong Kong Design', 'High-end manufacturing' and 'the certification mark'. By providing necessary infrastructure and assistant services, "J Hub Hong Kong" is expected to be the cradle for the growth of young jewellers.

Thanks for the support of our members, our work was carried out smoothly last year. Foreseeing the Trade war between China and the US, the political uncertainty of Hong Kong, and the business downturn in mainland China, the development of local jewel production industry is under severe tests. To ride out the difficulties, we have to make pragmatic plans to make our work more focused and cost-saving. We have established eight functional groups and restructured the roles to optimise the operation and coordination of HKJMA. After working together for a term, we gain valuable experience, have a firmer grasp of the current situation, and will be beneficial for our development.

During this tempestuous moment, we need clear direction and adequate preparation to overcome the crisis. Let us join hands to stride towards an era of digitisation and rejuvenation.

Mr. Benny Do

Chairman (2019-2021)
Hong Kong Jewelry Manufacturers' Association