Dewcarat Ltd.

Join Date 26 Jan 1994
Tel 2766 3682
Fax 2362 8361
Address Unit 203, 2/F,
Block A, Focal Industrial Centre,
21 Man Lok Street,
Hunghom, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Contact Person Ms. Du Hong Ling, Mary
Title C.E.O

Company Profile

Since its establishment in 1990, Dewcarat Ltd has set its foundations in the world of color. For
years, the world of fine jewelry has been dominated and saturated with diamonds. Like a little black dress and the black and white tuxedo, diamonds are important to the jewelry industry, but Dewcarat focuses on working with bursting colors and contemporary motifs to bring life to a niche market.

From Rubies, Emeralds, Sapphires to Tanzanite, Peridot, Chalcedony, from the mountains to
the sea, the company works to bring together all the colors gifted to it from mother nature.

Show Schedule

• JIS Miami (Jan)
• AGTA GemFair Tucson (Feb)
• JANY Winter (Mar)
• Atlanta Jewelry Show (Mar)
• JIS Miami (Apr)
• G.L.D.A. Las Vegas Gem & Jewelry Show (May)
• JCK Las Vegas Show (Jun)
• JANY Summer (Aug)
• Atlanta Jewelry Show (Aug)
• JANY Delivery (Oct)
• JIS Miami (Oct)

Hong Kong
• HK Int'l Jewellery Show (Mar)
• HK Jewellery & Gem Fair (Jun)
• HK Jewellery & Gem Fair (Sep)
• JMA HK Int'l Jewelry Show (Nov)

Asia (other than HK & China)
• Singapore Int'l Jewellery Expo (Jul)

Middle East
• Int'l Gold and Jewelry Exhibition, Kuwait (Apr)
• MidEast Watch & Jewellery, Sharjah (Apr)
• Abu Dhabi Int'l Jewellery & Watch Show (Oct)
• MidEast Watch & Jewellery, Sharjah (Oct)
• Jewellery Arabia, Bahrain (Nov)
• VOD Dubai Int'l Jewellery Show (Nov)