21st Jewelry Design & Drawing Skills (Elementary Level)

Course Description

This course provides basic understanding of jewelry design and drawing. Students will learn the following techniques:

1. Basic jewelry drawing techniques- 2D, 3D and side view designs
2. Color painting techniques- the use of water color, poster color and color pencil
3. Concepts of jewelry design- from 2D to abstract concept
4. The relationship between costs and design - design in proportion
5. Drawing techniques of different kinds of jewelry – pendant, brooch, ring, ear rings etc.

  • No. of intakes
  • Course Duration
    23 Apr 2019 ~ 23 Jul 2019
    19:00 -21:00
  • Venue
  • Language Used
  • Tutor
    Mr. Samuel Hung
  • Entry Requirements
    Junior jewelry designers, sales executives in the jewelry industry and those interested in jewelry design and drawing
  • Member Fee
  • Non-Member Fee
  • Application Deadline
    12 Apr 2019


21 st cohort Design Drawing (Elementary).pdf