• Date
    25 Aug 2023
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    HKJMA Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2022-2023 was successfully held on 25th August and all resolutions were approved during the meeting. On behalf of the Executive Director Committee and Representatives, the Chairwoman, Ms. Bronia Yip, would like to report the work of the JMA in the past year. Under the global economic recovery, the management team and committee members have been united in their efforts to provide excellent services to the members. "The JMA Hong Kong International Jewelry Show” and the “JMA International Jewelry Design Competition” have always been the most sparking annual jewelry events in the world, and in the coming year, JMA will introduce new elements to bring in more international buyers.

    Mr. Benny Do, the Chairman of the J-HUB Management Committee, also reported on the work of J-HUB in the past year. Various workshops and seminars were actively promoted, and the J-LAB, Hong Kong Jewelry Laboratory, has gradually increased the certificate production and justified the recognition of J-SCAN in the jewelry industry. In addition, J-HUB also participates in the Business-School Partnership Program organized by the Education Bureau, which enables the younger generation to be exposed to craftsmanship in a non-traditional teaching atmosphere.

    The 18th (2023/2025) Executive Director Committee and the new Chairperson and Representatives were also announced at the Annual General Meeting. Chairwoman Mrs. Yip presented a "Certificate of Appreciation" to recognize the contribution of the Executive Director Committee for the past 2 years, while the Associate Chairmen also presented an " Excellent Attendance Award " to the members who have actively participated in the activities of the Affairs Sub-Committee.

    In the coming two years, Ms. Bronia Yip will continue to lead the JMA and contribute to the industry. Last but not least, wish all members a prosperous business and good health!

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