Education & Training Sub-Committee 2015-2017

Director of Education & Training Sub-Committee

Ms. Irene Leung

Bossa Jewelry Ltd

Professional Training and Education

Seminars and Training Courses

In respond quickly and flexibly to rapidly changing markets and environments, HKJMA has organized a variety of seminars & site visits to enhance jewelers' professional knowledge:

  • Jewelry Industry Insiders Sharing Session
  • Gem-A Course 'understanding' workshop
  • Visit Luk Fook's China Gems Laboratory Ltd & National Gemstone Testing Center (NGTC), Shenzhen
  • Gemmology Workshop – A Touch of Synthetic Stones for Jewelry

Professional Jewelers Accrediting Programme (PJA)

Entrance level covers topics on the operation system of the jewelry trade including: Jewelry Design, Jewelry Photography, Gem Identification, Production, Costing, Marketing and Brand Management.

Jewelry Design & Drawing Techniques (Elementary, Advanced & Higher Level)

The programme is from elementary to advanced levels. It aims to enhance the competence in jewelry design concept and drawing techniques. Through theory and practices, candidates are able to present design concept with technique learnt from material realization, design composition and coloration.

Professional Certificate in Jewelry Photography (Elementary)

Learn the basic jewelry photography technique and experiment through practices, candidates may learn how to capture the Light and shadow, composition, and photographic angle to capture the feature and beauty of jewelry.

Gem-A Foundation Certificate and Diploma in Gemmology

The course was launched by The Gemmological Association of Great Britain (Gem-A) FGA Gemology. With completion of Foundation Certificate and Diploma in Gemmology, candidates could achieve an international recognised qualification in gemology and become the fellow member of The Gemmological Association (FGA).

Education & Training Sub-Committee 2015-2017

Ms. Irene Leung
Bossa Jewelry Ltd
Mr. George Mak
Edelweiss Jewellery Co Ltd
Committee Members
Ms. Rendy Ng
Bee's International Group Ltd
Mr. Victor Yiu
Brilliant Trading Co (1974) Ltd
Mr. Ricky Lam
EJI O/B Elegance Jewellery Int'l Ltd
Ms. Ridy Suen
Gold Source Jewellery Ltd
Mr. Felix Chan
Grandvas Trading Ltd
Mr. Raymond Ho
Imperial Jewelry Manufactory Co Ltd
Mr. Louis Lo
Inter-Pacific Holdings Ltd
Mr. Tommy Tsui
Luk Fook Holdings (Int'l) Ltd
Mr. Albert Hui
Octagon Jewellery Co Ltd
Mr. Peter Lam
Peter Lam Jewellery Ltd
Mr. Sunny Tam
Soft Technology Ltd
Mr. Sunny Chan
Sunny Creations Ltd
Ms. Lydia Kwan
Universal Jewellery Co Ltd
Mr. Keith To
WCJ International Ltd