加入日期 2005年1月19日
電話 2724 1273
傳真 2367 5543
地址 香港九龍紅磡
5字樓 501室
聯絡人 Mr. Ashish Dangayach
職位 Director


Colorjewels is the leading supplier of Tanzanite's and Tanzanit e Jewelry.

Colorjewels is Tanzanite One Sight Holder, "Preferred Supply Strategy", a distribution strategy for tanzanite. Colorjewels diversified into jewelry manufacturing specifically in tanzanite in the hope of becoming one of the biggest suppliers of tanzanite and of the jewelry.

Having established strong production bases in India and China, sourcing offices in Thailand and Tanzania, a head office in Hong Kong and marketing offices in New York and Los Angeles, the company is in full compliance with the concept of "Mine to Market" suggested by Tanzanite One.

In addition to its core product, tanzanite, the company supplies a wide range of colored gemstones such as emerald, pink sapphire, alexandrite and Tsavorite as well as colored gemstone jewelry to the market.

Under the brand Dyach, the company markets higher-end tanzanite jewelry to the upper segment of the market.

The company has well-equipped factory with an area of 30,000 square feet and staffed by 350 well-trained workers in Panyu, China. Every year it launched 2, 000 styles on the market.


• Jewelers Int'l Showcase, Miami (Jan)
• AGTA GemFair Tucson (Jan)
• JA New York Winter (Mar)
• JIS Miami (Apr)
• AGTA GemFair Las Vegas (Jun)
• JCK Las Vegas Show (Jun)
• JA New York Summer (Jul)
• JA Special Delivery New York (Oct)
• JIS Miami (Oct)

Hong Kong
• HK Int'l Jewellery Show (Mar)
• HK Int'l Diamond, Gem & Pearl Show (Mar)
• HK Jewellery & Gem Fair (Jun)
• HK Jewellery & Gem Fair (Sep)
• HK Int'l Jewelry Manufacturers' Show (Nov)

Middle East
• MidEast Watch & Jewellery, Sharjah (Mar)
• MidEast Watch & Jewellery, Sharjah (Oct)
• Jewellery Arabia, Bahrain (Nov)
• VOD Dubai International Jewellery Show(Nov)