WCJ International Ltd.

加入日期 1996年2月9日
電話 2370 9252
傳真 2310 1212
電郵 info.intl@wcj.com.hk
網址 http://www.wcj.com.hk
地址 香港九龍紅磡
聯絡人 杜源寧先生
職位 主席兼行政總裁


With its commitment to serving with the finest quality, enduring professionalism and dedicated customer service, WCJ International Ltd well established its reputable foothold in the local and worldwide jewellery.

As a leading jewellery wholesaler and exporter in Hong Kong, WCJ marks its signature expertise in diamond and South Sea Pearl jewellery. Supported by a team of in-house designers, WCJ is always at your service to provide an array of innovative and refreshing designs to suit every single requirement of different customers in different markets.

WCJ believes in the importance in fine quality and customer service excellence. Stringent benchmark and product quality control are in place to fulfill the international standard and maintain its competitiveness. WCJ was accredited with the Quality Management Certificate ISO 9001:2000 from 2003 to 2015. The Environmental Management Certificate ISO14001:2004 was acquired from 2008 to 2015. In applying its in each phase of the production process, it further strengthens the quality assurance and enhances the entire outlook of the jewellery piece which is value added to the products.

WCJ builds its active presence in local and overseas trade shows such as Hong Kong, Shanghai, JCK Las Vegas and Dubai Jewellery Show.


•JCK Las Vegas Show (Jun)

Hong Kong
•HK Int'l Jewellery Show (Mar)
•HK Jewellery & Gem Fair (Jun)
•HK Jewellery & Gem Fair (Sep)
•HK Int'l Jewelry Manufacturers' Show (Nov)

Mainland China
•Jewelry Shanghai (May)
•China Int'l Jewellery Fair, Beijing (Nov)

Middle East
•MidEast Watch & Jewellery, Sharjah (Mar)
•MidEast Watch & Jewellery, Sharjah (Oct)
•VOD Dubai International Jewellery Show (Nov)